Wednesday, 19 Rajab 1442 / 03 March 2021

Wednesday, 19 Rajab 1442 / 03 March 2021

Indonesian Update: Covid-19 Patients Died to Reach 2,000

Jumat 12 Jun 2020 02:26 WIB

Rep: Sapto Andika Candra/ Red: Elba Damhuri

Indonesia Against Coronavirus

Indonesia Against Coronavirus

Foto: Republika
The death rate of Covid-19 patients in Indonesia reached 5,6 percent.

REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, JAKARTA - The number of positive Covid-19 patients in Indonesia who died has increased by 41 people in the past day. Thus, the number of patients who died with a positive status of Covid-19 in the country reached 2,000 people.

This figure was achieved within a period of approximately three months, since the first Covid-19 case in Indonesia was released in early March. 

This increase in the number of patients who died makes the death rate of Covid-19 patients to the total number of positive cases in Indonesia reach 5.6 percent.

East Java became the largest province that contributed death rates, with 553 patients died. Then followed by DKI Jakarta with 537 Covid-19 patients who died, West Java with 161 patients died, South Kalimantan with 112 patients died, and other provinces with smaller numbers.

In addition to the death toll translating to 2,000 lives, there were 979 positive cases of Covid-19 in the last 24 hours. This figure is lower compared to the addition of cases on Wednesday (10/6) yesterday with 1,241 new cases in one day. The total positive cases of Covid-19 in Indonesia as of Thursday (11/6) were 35,295 people.

East Java returned to the province with the highest addition of positive Covid-19 cases today, namely 297 new cases. Then followed by South Sulawesi with 141 new cases, DKI Jakarta with 128 new cases, South Kalimantan with 69 new cases, and other provinces with lower number of additional cases.

Government Spokesperson for Covid-19 Handling Achmad Yurianto explained, the number of positive case additions was still quite high due to contact tracing or contact tracing which was increasingly aggressive carried out by the Health Service in the area. Tracing was carried out for all parties who had direct contact with positive patients of Covid-19.

"If we then further detail in each province, the specimens we receive are more specimens from contact tracing which is currently being aggressively carried out by the Health Office," Yurianto said in a press statement on Thursday (11/6).

President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) has repeatedly asked health authorities in the regions to expand the coverage of tracing to positive patients with Covid-19. In line with aggressive tracing, the specimen test capacity is also increased.

Yurianto added, the number of specimens tested in the past day reached 16,702 specimens. To date, 463,620 Covid-19 specimens have been examined in Indonesia.

The government also released 507 additional cured patients in one day. So that there are a total of 12,636 patients recovered.


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