Saturday, 30 Jumadil Awwal 1441 / 25 January 2020

Saturday, 30 Jumadil Awwal 1441 / 25 January 2020

Bogor Police to investigate hoax about KH Arifin Ilham

Rabu 09 Jan 2019 03:45 WIB

Rep: Idealisa Masyrafina/ Red: Reiny Dwinanda

KH Arifin Ilham

KH Arifin Ilham

Foto: Republika/Iman Firmansyah
Ustaz Arifin Ilham is hospitalized for suffering nasopharyngeal, lymph cancer.

REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, BOGOR - Bogor District Police, West Java made efforts to prevent the spread of fake news related to KH Arifin Ilham. The hoax on social media said that the famous cleric died due to lymph node cancer.

The Head of Bogor District Police, AKP Ita Puspita Lena, in Bogor on Tuesday (Jan 8) said that the police had confirmed the news to Chairman of Az-Zikra Foundation, ustaz Khotib Kholil. According to ustaz Khotib, ustaz Arifin's condition has been improving whilst undergoing treatment at Cipto Mangunkusumo Hospital, Central Jakarta.

"Then I ask for proof about the latest condition of KH Arifin Ilham so that it could be released to the public to counteract the hoax," said Ita.

In addition to the official response in the form of a short message, a one-minute video was also sent which featured statements from colleagues of KH Arifin Ilham and the board of Az-Zikra Foundation.

Ustaz Khotib has asked the police to investigate the proliferation of fake news. Bogor District Police and West Java planned to investigate the party who spread fake news on ustaz Arifin's condition.

Meanwhile, Indonesian Council of Ulemas (MUI) leader, KH Muhyiddin Junaidi said he has visited ustaz Arifin. He was allowed to meet ustaz Arifin although doctors have asked the famous cleric not to have too many visitors.

The doctors also told ustaz Arifin to not talking too much, he said. "But, he is getting better," Kiai Muhyiddin said.

Kiai Muhyiddin explained that ustaz Arifin suffered from stage 4A nasopharyngeal and lymph cancer. However, he believes that ustaz Arifin can fight the disease and can continue his da'wah activities again.

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