Saturday, 15 Rajab 1442 / 27 February 2021

Saturday, 15 Rajab 1442 / 27 February 2021

Violations over immigration rules are more intense after visa-free policy

Senin 13 Mar 2017 18:45 WIB

Rep: Dwi Murdaningsih, Sri Handayani/ Red: Reiny Dwinanda

Member of Commission III of the House of Representatives Nawafie Saleh

Member of Commission III of the House of Representatives Nawafie Saleh

Foto: dpr

REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, DENPASAR – A member of Commission III of the House of Representatives Nawafie Saleh argued that the government should evaluate its visa-free policy from 169 countries to Indonesia. He said violences against the immigration rules increased after the enactment on March 2016. 

According to Nawafie, there was a violence of over a tourist visa in Bogor. Twelve people from China were found while illegally digging galena tin for about six months. He argued that it is an indication of lack of monitoring. The tourist visa was misused for mineral digging project.  "The immigration said the immigrants from China were the members of military unit. When they were caught, they run away to the forest. The information about the increasing of illegal foreign workers in Indonesia was true,” he said in Bali on Thursday. 

There were also foreign workers who produced drugs Jasinga, Bogor, West Java. It would be exported to Dutch. The neighbours did not know it because there were a sign under the name of ‘Yayasan Pendidikan Islami (TPI)’. “Therefore, he said a specific review on visa-free policy need to conduct. The government should not only focus on the revenue, but also the security and sovereignty condition,” he said. 

The policy also also reduced Rp 1,3 trilliun of national income per year from 25 thousands visa submission. He also suggested a renewal of immigration facilities, such as the security system in the airport and the facility to make passport.   

Meanwhile, the Head of Regional Law and Human Right Office in Bali Ida Bagus K Adnyana admitted some problems due to the implementation of visa-free policy, especially for drugs trafficking. He said there were 3.522 millions of foreign tourists without visa. In 2016, there were seven cases of foreigners monitoring. 

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