Saturday, 17 Rabiul Akhir 1441 / 14 December 2019

Saturday, 17 Rabiul Akhir 1441 / 14 December 2019

Police ensure investment money owned by victims of Pandawa will be returned

Kamis 09 Mar 2017 22:59 WIB

Rep: Muhyiddin, RR Laeny Sulistyawati/ Red: Reiny Dwinanda

Founder of Pandawa Group Salman Nuryanto

Founder of Pandawa Group Salman Nuryanto

Foto: Republika/Tahta Aidilla

REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, JAKARTA -- The Jakarta Police have ensured the investment money owned by thousands of victims of Pandawa Group that was established by Salman Nuryanto will be returned. However, it should be through legal mechanisms. "The money will be returned in accordance mechanisms that had been mentioned," Jakarta Police special crimes director Sr. Comr. Wahyu Hadiningrat told reporters on Thursday (March 9).

Based on police data, Pandawa still owned as much as Rp 1.5 trillion. However, Wahyu could not confirm the percentage of the investment that might be returned to the victims. "We did not decide the percentage, the court will," Wahyu said.

Wahyu explained, the police are still preparing dossiers to be submitted to the state prosecutor. However, he did not know when the file will be submitted to the Jakarta High Court or the High Court of West Java. "We have coordinated. We'll see how many witnesses. It's still running. People are still filing report. We will let the majority victims (to submit the file)," Wahyu said.

Meanwhile, Jakarta Police spokesman, Sr. Comr Raden Prabowo Argo Yuwono explained the scheme of refund of victims' money. "We will wait. First, police seized the evidence then submit it to the public prosecutor. After that, there will be a trial. When the judges reaches the verdict, we'll have permanent legal force (inkracht van gewijsde). And the executor of prosecutor later,'' Argo said.

In addition, Argo said, the money can also be returned with victims reporting to the prosecutor. "Second, the victims can do civil reporting. So they will get it (the money). So, it can be two ways to get it," he said.

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