Saturday, 17 Rabiul Akhir 1441 / 14 December 2019

Saturday, 17 Rabiul Akhir 1441 / 14 December 2019

Lesson learnt from Partai Aceh tumult

Selasa 26 Apr 2016 19:20 WIB

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Muzakir Manaf

Muzakir Manaf

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REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, By: Masdarsada *)

A tumult took place in Partai Aceh’s forum, Bansigom Aceh 2016 held in Grand Aceh Hotel on Sunday (10/4). The forum was intended to unify Partai Aceh’s vision and missions to welcome 2017 Local Election.

Regarding this tumult, Chair of Partai Aceh Central Executive Board (DPP), Muzakir Manaf said that the tumult has been resolved well. Moreover, entire cost of damage at the hotel has been paid. “Most importantly, we have resolved all these, and I think case is closed,” said Mualem – Muzakir Manaf’s nick name – during press conference in Partai Aceh Central Executive Board (DPP)’s headquarter on Sunday (10/4).

The tumult was caused by some misunderstandings between the organizer and the invitees. “There was a miscommunication between Areas Executive Board (DPW) and the organizer. That was the core problem of the tumult, yet everything has been settled,” said Mualem.

Mualem denied that the forum was discussing who will be his pair in the upcoming election. He said that the forum was discussing the management of Partai Aceh. “We were discussing the management. Some of the administrators have passed away, some other have moved to other areas. We discussed all those and all are settled,” he argued.

Bad Political Lesson

This tumult, for whatever reason, is not a good political lesson. Why? First, Partai Aceh is the most powerful party in Aceh right now because they have led this “Piazza of Mecca” since 2007 due to their victory in the election and they won again in 2012 election. As the consequences, they have many cadres both as local leaders and who sit in Local House of Representatives (DPRD) in provincial and regency level. So, the party should already have internal mechanism for conflict resolution.

Second, the tumult showed that there is a race for seats in the management of Partai Aceh because by being a part of management is a good political capital to run for the upcoming 2017 election. The reform in Partai Aceh’s management is obviously related to the election.

Third, the tumult only showed how emotional the cadres of Partai Aceh are in dealing with internal affairs. People then may think that Mualem is lack of grip in his party internally although this current Vice Governor of Aceh has eventually been successful to put an end to the tumult.

Fourth, the tumult has represented acute “seeds” of internal conflict within Partai Aceh prior to 2017 election. Generally speaking, there are many from Partai Aceh who will run for governor in 2017 election such as Muzakir Manaf himself, Zaini Abdullah, Zakaria Zaman and Irwandi Yusuf. I believe that they respectively try to “downgrade” each other’s popularity both directly and indirectly by having a rendezvous with the campaign teams of respective candidates.

However, some people see the internal conflict in Partai Aceh as a political scenario. In the end, whoever elected as Aceh’s leader will fight for full implementation of Helsinki MoU even though it may change the positive relationship between Aceh government and central government.
Does Partai Aceh Still Deserve it?

By looking at the internal conflict in Partai Aceh and the performance of the leaders from Partai Aceh who are not showing an excellent achievement, not to mention that they also ignore the voice of GAM’s ex-combatant like Din Minimi ever mentioned, they might not deserve to continue their leadership, hence they should not be priorities in 2017 election.
This situation should be a lesson learnt for people of Aceh so that they will become wiser and more mature in choosing the new leader in the upcoming election. They must be brave to refuse any intervention and intimidation in deciding their choice. They must consider the candidates who can keep the good relationship between Aceh government and the central government
*) The author is political affairs observer resided in Bekasi, West Java.

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