Minggu, 1 Jumadil Akhir 1441 / 26 Januari 2020

Minggu, 1 Jumadil Akhir 1441 / 26 Januari 2020

Victim of Hercules C-130 from Indramayu buried

Ahad 05 Jul 2015 20:22 WIB

Rep: C37/ Red: Julkifli Marbun



Foto: Republika/Yasin Habibi

REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, INDRAMAYU -- A passenger of Hercules C-130 aircraft who came from Indramayu who died in the crash of aircraft belonging to Air Force in Medan, arrived at the funeral home on Friday, July 3.

The bodies of the victims named Nurhalimah (11 years old) arrived at the funeral home in Drunten village, RT 08 RW 11, Gabuswetan District, Indramayu regency, West Java, using ambulances belonging to the Air Force (AU). The arrival of the bodies of victims which were in the fifth grade of elementary school (SD) was greeted by sobs of family and relatives.

The family did not think the desire of Nurhalimah to undergo the school holidays in Tanjung Pinang in fact led to death. She was killed along with his brother, Rusti Aristanti and his father, Arifin Suharno, who worked as honorary civil servants in Squadron 31 Halim Perdana Kusuma.

Nurhalimah body was buried in a common grave on the local village. While Rusti and Arifin will be buried in a cemetery in Kuningan regency.

"Previously Nurhalimah ever said that she wanted to die during Ramadan in order to go to heaven. Turns out she really died in Ramadan," said the victim's mother, Karni, while sobbing.

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