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Wow... Fidel Gastro, the Toronto's street food revolutionist, visits Jakarta

Selasa 23 Sep 2014 23:51 WIB

Rep: Citra Listya Rini/ Red: Yeyen Rostiyani

Street food revolutionist, Fidel Gastro, alias Matt Basile, shows his expertise in Jakarta on Monday.

Street food revolutionist, Fidel Gastro, alias Matt Basile, shows his expertise in Jakarta on Monday.

Foto: Republika/Citra Listya Rini

REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, JAKARTA - Street food revolutionist from Toronto, Canada, Fidel Gastro landed in Jakarta. An Italian-Canadian chef on-the-go visited Jakarta to share his 'secrets ingredients' in foods business industry.

"Hello Jakarta. I've traveled around Asia and learned about its street foods. For me food is more than just pure enjoyment. I will try to add these ingredients into my new creation. It's amazing to be here," Matt Basile, the real name of this cheerful chef, told journalists on Monday night.

This 'Rebel Without A Kitchen' series' star at Asian Food Channel has his own style to demonstrate his delicious street foods on the table. Basile invited some journalists to have a cozy and casual dinner at a restaurant as part of the Matt Basile's Kitchen Revolution tour in Asia. 

While everyone was busy on the table, Basile and his assistants worked hard at the kitchen to prepare the delicious foods. Octopus with Fennel and Blood Orange, Moroccan beef Tenderloin with Marian Sauce and Elvis in a Jar were the foods Basile served for dinner.

Basile served them with five different menus on the table. Laughter and joyful filled up the restaurant during dinner time. 

Succeed with his street foods business, Basile said he still wanted to expand his business in the future. This former copywriter at advertising agency said as long as people kept enjoying his foods he would never stop to create and cook new menu to be served. 

Basile became famous due to his phenomenal food truck in Toronto, Canada. Extremo Sandwiches is Basile's best known Toronto-Cuban styled sandwiches. At this moment, Lisa Marie, Basile's flagship restaurant and Priscilla, his beloved food truck, are his pride and joy! 

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