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Exploring Alas Purwo, a beautiful paradise on the tip of Java

Kamis 16 May 2013 23:39 WIB

Rep: Ahmad Islamy Jami/Mutia Ramadhani/ Red: Yeyen Rostiyani

A mangrove forest in Alas Puwro, East Java.

A mangrove forest in Alas Puwro, East Java.

Foto: Antara/Seno S

REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, BANYUWANGI - Alas Purwo is the most eastern National Park of Java of 43,420 hectares. The forest has ecosystems, such as mangrove, bamboo forests, grasslands and a number of plants. Alas Purwo can be reached from three areas, such as Banyuwangi, Jember and Bali.

There are three entrance gates that can be taken by visitor to the national park. First, gate of Plengkung in Bali. Visitor can use a speed boat to Plengkung beach in Bali. Second, gate of Bedul in Jember through Mount Gumitir. Third, gate of Rowobendo in Banyuwangi towards Kalipait.

If you go through gate of Rowobendo, you can see Pura Agung Giri Salaka. You will never think that in the middle of wild forest there is a wide and majestic Hindus temple. A pair of statues namely Dwarapala are standing in front of the temple’s gate. This temple is often visited by Balinese Hindus.

About 80 meters from the temple, there is Situs Kawitan, a site of cultural heritage composed by andesit rocks. "This site has been existing since the Empire of Majapahit," said Tego, a temple servant. It used to be the hermitage of Ida Rsi Madura, teacher of Arya Wiraraja, a strategist who helped Raden Wijaya conquered the Kingdom of Kediri in the 13th century. He made Raden Wijaya successfully established the Empire of Majapahit, the largest kingdom in Java that unified Indonesia from Sabang to Merauke.

About 1.5 kilometers from Pura Giri Salaka, there is Sadengan shepherd with areas of 80 ha. The green pasture was filled by hundreds of herbivorous animals, such as Timor deer (Cervus timorensis), deer (Muntiacus muntjac), banteng (Bos javanicus), wild boar (Sus scrofa) and a number of birds. If lucky, visitor can watch the magnificent dance of the green peacock (Pavo muticus) who attract females when mating season.

The journey continues and visitor will arrive at Pancur which has beaches and a number of caves, such as Istana, Mayangkoro  and Padepokan cave. After venturing inside the caves, visitor can enjoy a hidden beauty of Pancur beach. 

Visitor who enter Alas Purwo charge only 2,500 IDR per person for local tourist and 20 thousand IDR per person for foreign tourist. For visitor who drive four-wheel will pay additional charge 6,000 IDR per vehicle. 



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