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When a president misses his hometown soup

Sabtu 06 Oct 2012 23:05 WIB

Red: Yeyen Rostiyani

Soto, a specialty soup of Indonesia (illustration)

Soto, a specialty soup of Indonesia (illustration)

Foto: Republika/Amin Madani

Apart from politic, President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono (SBY) is like others, he misses his hometown soup. He mentioned his longing for soto (soup –Ed) and tofu rice cakes that are specialties from his hometown Pacitan, East Java.

"I like soto and kupat tahu (tofu rice cake)," the President said, regarding the two special dishes of Pacitan district during a post-fasting month gathering, Pacitan-Ngawi-Magetan-Madiun-Ponorogo (Pawitandirogo) communities, at Beautiful Indonesia in Miniature Park (TMII) on Saturday.

During the event, which was attended by many Pacitan natives and residents of other districts in East Java, Yudhoyono expressed his hopes that those present would always guard the image of their respective hometowns and their nation. "You should not act with deeds that could tarnish the image of your hometowns and nation," the head of state said. Well, that is a bit into politic then. 


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