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GNPF chairman explains the reason behind the use of YKUS' bank account

Rep: c62, Sri Handayani/ Red: Reiny Dwinanda
Republika/Reiny Dwinanda
GNPF MUI uses the bank account of Yayasan Keadilan untuk Semua (YKUS, Justice for All Foundation) to accomodate donations from the people.
GNPF MUI uses the bank account of Yayasan Keadilan untuk Semua (YKUS, Justice for All Foundation) to accomodate donations from the people.

REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, JAKARTA – The Chairman of the National Movement to Safeguard the Indonesian Council of Ulama’s Fatwa (GNPF MUI), Ustaz Bachtir Nasir, came to the Ministry of Marine and Fisheries to respond the invitation of the criminal detective unit. He was examined as a witness of an alleged money laundering in a foundation. "The investigators of the national police should first found the basic of the case and the suspects," said his legal advisor, Kapitra Ampera, on Friday.

He explained that, base on the law governing on foundations, fund transfer were prohibited to conduct from the foundation’s account to the advisory board, the founding board and supervisory board. "In the structure of Yayasan Keadilan untuk Semua (YKUS, Justice for All Foundation), Ustaz Bachtiar Nasir was not involved, not as a founder or supervisor. So, there was no law violated,” he said. 

On the same occasion, Bachtiar insisted for not doing money laundering. According to him, the money was a charity from the member of Aksi Bela Islam. It was voluntary. "You know, Indonesian people gave with the aims of lillahi ta’ala, for the sake of their life after life. This is to defend Islam,” he said. 

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GNPF had used the money to fund last year's Aksi Bela Islam II and III, also known as 411 rally and 212 rally. Beside that, GNPF also donated Rp 500 million to Aceh and Rp 200 juta to Sumbawa, both were hit by natural disasters. "So, the money went back to the society," he remarked. 

Therefore, he said, the police should not only focus on the money, but also the concern of Muslim society to defend their religion as stated in Alquran to give alms. "This was life after life oriented,” he said. 

Bachtiar argued that the allegation arose because the status of the committee was still ‘ad hock’. GNPF MUI did not have time to make their own bank account to accomodate the charity fund. Therefore, the committee made a verbal agreement to cooperate with the YKUS to borrow the foundation's account so all would be controllable. 

The decision was taken due to the consideration that the foundation has already had a legal entity. "Basically, we have made a draft of agreement, but due to the acceleration and the people had already waiting, so we decided to use the bank account of Yayasan Keadilan untuk Semua,” he said. 

Meanwhile, when contacted by Republika.co.id, the Treasurer of GNPF MUI, M Luthfie Hakim, said the Yayasan Keadilan untuk Semua agreed to lend one of their bank account to accomodate donations and the money was being managed by GNPF.